Urban planning and Centre development


In European cities the historic centres have maintained their strong positions over time. At the same time we have seen the rise of new centres in the suburban areas of the conurbation. Stedplan has specialized in understanding the development and functioning of urban centres. The multi disciplinary character of the people working at our company matches the complex dynamics of these areas. We made several master plans and managed the planning process. Also we have researched new centres for over 10 years in several countries of the world and came up with new strategies for urban planning.

In the field of Urban planning and Centre development we can offer you:
Urban Development Plan, Masterplan & Visions.
Urban design (in cooperation with Maxwan).
Ecocities, Newtowns and Downtown commercial areas.
Shopping centres.
Functional analysis of surroundings (retail, leisure, offices, housing, infrastructure).
Spatial and economic strategy studies.
Urban regeneration projects.
(Re)development strategies.

MORE INFORMATION dr. Pieter van der Heijde pieter.vanderheijde@sweco.nl
+31 (0)6 51496248

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